Online Marketing

Promote Your Business

With Makosites Online Marketing you get a one of a kind design & your Website built by Professionals!  Marketing Specialist will then place your Business in front of potential customers on all major Search Engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

Increase Your Sales

With the fast movement of technology, Having a website for your company is crucial. Most people do an online search for the service of their needs & with your business placed on front pages of major search engines could increase your sales.

Build Your Ranking

You ask, “Well, how does my website get on the front page of Google?” And the answer is, Makosites Search Engine Optimization Program. We use targeted & specific Keywords to boost your ranking, ensuring your new website will reach New Customers.

Get Connected

Link your website with all things social media to maximize your opportunity of reaching new customers. Connecting your Companies Website through Social Media gives people the opportunity to share and advertise your business,”Online Promotion”

We market your company organically on search engines using targeted keywords. We want to ensure that if someone searches online in your area for services your company provides that you come up as one of the first options for them to contact. We ‘ve studied what search engines are looking for in a website in your industry for many years. We simply wanted to offer a turn key solution to online marketing and search engine optimization for our clients. We submit the site to over 200 search engines, create directory listings, optimize map listings, create social media sites for the business, integrate anything we can find about your company online that will help promote your business. We build a mobile phone friendly website and We will work very closely with you in order to ensure your website is marketed with all your chosen keywords.